July 19, 2012             THE SECRET OF THE AGES

In this inspiring book, author Robert Collier shows us that there is an omnipresent spiritual force that contains the power to find the solutions to all our problems.  

Life can be wonderful if we let it.  Our resistance to life is the cause of all our sufferings.  Allowing life to flow with ease points us in the direction of our goals.  We have the power to attract our needs and desires into our lives.  

With insight and clarity, Robert Collier teaches us a way to streamline our desires and goals.  The Secret Of The Ages is a remarkable and inspiring guidebook that shows us how to have what we truly desire.

Jan Kielhurn...Long Island, NY...B.S. Human Services

"Thank you for your letter regarding your Grandfather's quote which I used in my most recent book, Born To Love. I was so impressed by your Grandfather's words that I called my local library and they were able to find a very old copy of Secret Of The Ages. I was delighted with it. I was also amazed at the number of printings it went through prior to vanishing on some library shelves. Such wisdom does not age."

Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D.
Glenbrook, Nevada 

"Since I received my first book (Secret Of The Ages), I have offered it to many people. Many took the book, but I know of six people who have used the book to really change their lives. Each of these people have come many times to question me about the principles outlined in the book. It is a source of great satisfaction to be able to point these people in a direction they had never heard of before and see the changes being made in their lives. These six people I mentioned are ones who have a thirst for this knowledge that only living life can satisfy. I am 78 and going into business with two partners. We are starting a new business."

Henry A. Dunlap
Barstow, CA 

"I started looking through the Secret Of The Ages and could not put it down! It is one of the most exceptional books I have ever read. I cannot begin to tell you how much good has come from this one book that has been sitting on my father's shelf for almost 40 years!"

Richard C. Lohr, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician 

"I purchased Secret Of The Ages over thirty years ago and it has been my bible and guide."

David A. Frederick, Ph.D.
Executive Director
World Institute of Cognitive Science 

"I am 75 years of age, and in my 75 years I have never found a book that is second to the Bible. No other book except the Bible has ever given me a chance to succeed in my life. This book taught me how to use my subconscious, with the conscious mind, and the Universal God Mind of all Power."

Fred Schmid
E. Carondelet, IL 

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